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Sysco is your leading source for quality foodservice products that cover the widest variety of categories to offer you one-stop shopping convenience.

The foundation of Sysco Brand was built upon 4 core levels of quality assured products:  Supreme, Imperial, Classic and Reliance.  Each product level meets specific types of customer needs while ensuring that the rigorous standards of Sysco brand products are adhered to – matching or exceeding the quality of comparably positioned competitive brands.

In addition, Sysco specializes in providing brands for a variety of cultural flavors and customer segments.  Included are the authentic deli staples of Block & Barrel, the Italian charm of Arrezzio, Suprema, Pasta LaBella and Ottimo, the Mexican flair of Casa Solana, the tabletop offerings of House Recipe and the Asian spice of Jade Mountain.  And, because they are Sysco brands, each provides the guarantee of Sysco ’s quality assurance promise.

Arrezio Product Logo
ARREZZIO® is your premium Italian brand featuring a wide array of Italian products, including specialty tomatoes and sauces, pizza toppings and cheeses, Italian meats, breads and desserts.  Designed to help the foodservice operator prepare authentic Italian dishes with the genuine flavors of Italy, ARREZZIO is the product of choice for the discriminating operator who aspires to provide his customers the finest, authentic Old World Italian cuisine.

Other Sysco Italian brands include SUPREMA® tomato products made exclusively from only the finest California pear tomatoes.  PASTA LABELLA®  pasta, made from the world’s finest Italian grade durum semolina, offers a firm, velvety, never sticky texture and rich flavorful taste.

House Recipe Logo
HOUSE RECIPE® is Sysco ’s first family of front-of-the-house foodservice products that complement any menu offering.  From condiments to crackers, HOUSE RECIPE’s distinctive flavor profiles and attractive high-profile packaging add quality and appeal to all tabletops.  Operators can even choose to customize our signature HOUSE RECIPE ketchups, steak sauces and hot sauce by adding a personalized neckband with their establishment’s name proudly displayed at no additional expense.  And, as with all Sysco brands, HOUSE RECIPE products meet the highest standards of Sysco ’s Quality Assurance team.

Block and Barrell LogoBLOCK & BARREL® is a perfectly delicious collection of products targeted towards the delicatessen market segment.  Bulk and pre-sliced meats, turkeys, hams, cheeses, salads, potato chips and condiments are just a few of the fine products that Sysco ’s BLOCK & BARREL can provide to the foodservice operator.  Attractive packaging and marketing support material help make BLOCK & BARREL one of our broadest and most popular specialty brand segments.  As with our other ethnic product lines in the growing Sysco family, BLOCK & BARREL is monitored by Sysco ’s Quality Assurance Department, to ensure you have the industry’s finest available products – every time.

Casa Solana LogoCASA SOLANA® is Sysco ’s trademarked collection of south-of-the-border style products that provide the essential beginnings for flavorful Mexican cuisine.  Fresh-packed jalapenos, triple-cleaned pinto beans, hand-stretched tortillas, cool guacamole and spicy , marinated fajita meats, are among a few of the products designed to help the foodservice operator serve only the most tasty Mexican dishes.  CASA SOLANA products are specially formulated to meet the rigorous specifications of Sysco ’s Quality Assurance Department.

Jade Mountain LogoEast meets West, and Sysco extends the introductions with our JADE MOUNTAIN® line of fine Asian cuisine.  Foodservice operators will find every product necessary to satisfy their customers’ cravings for flavorful menu offerings.  Seasoned oils and vinegars, water chestnuts, oyster sauces and staples such as rice and egg roll wrappers make adding a touch of the Pacific Rim to your menu “good fortune”.  Enjoy the exotic flavor of the Orient with the confidence that comes with the Sysco Quality Assurance Department’s seal of approval on all JADE MOUNTAIN products.

Jade Mountain Logo

The Portico brand consistently delivers quality seafood options to your kitchen.  Sysco is committed to offering products that meet operator needs and provide a memorable experience to all of your guests.

 Our passion for seafood and responsible sourcing extends to how we build collaborative partnerships with wild fisheries and aquaculture farms throughout the world.  The men and women who harvest the bounty of our oceans and the stewards of our aquaculture farms partner with us to ensure qualify seafood can be enjoyed by generations to come.

Sysco Supreme LogoAbsolutely “top of the line” products, similar in quality to Sysco Imperial but unique in that they are rare in the industry and virtually exclusive to Sysco.  Custom formulations and proprietary ingredients ensure that the Sysco Supreme brand is reserved for the elite products in the foodservice industry.

Product examples include:

Sysco Supreme Fry On – a patented blend of fine corn and canola oils
Sysco Supreme Fruits – only top USDA choice fruits packed in their own juice to preserve true fresh fruit flavor
Sysco Supreme Desserts – imported from the finest bakeries of Europe

Sysco Imperial LogoThe industry’s best available quality products, produced in prime growing regions and packed to exceedingly high specifications.  Simply Excellent!

Product examples include:

Sysco Imperial Frozen Vegetables, Fruits and Juices – the top of the USDA Grade A Fancy score range
Sysco Imperial Canned Fruits – the top of the USDA Choice grade score range and are personally selected by Sysco Quality Assurance Professionals.
Sysco Imperial Canned Vegetables and Juices – the top of the USDA Grade A Fancy score range
Sysco Imperial Center of the Plate Products – fresh and frozen meats, poultry, seafood and dairy products – all of exceedingly high quality and strict specifications.

Sysco  Classic Logo
Sysco Classic products represent our broadest array of offerings to the foodservice market.  Produced with the same adherence to quality-assured specifications, Classic products most often meet or exceed competitive “top of the line” labels.

Product examples include:

Sysco Classic Frozen Fruits, Vegetables and Juices – meet or exceed USDA standards for Grade A Fancy
Sysco Classic Canned Vegetables – meet or exceed USDA standards for Grade A Fancy
Sysco Classic Canned Fruits – meet or exceed USDA standards for Choice Grade
Sysco Classic Center of the Plate Products – fresh and frozen meats, poultry, seafood and dairy products – all based on the high quality standards of USDA grades

The Classic collection also extends to bakery mixes, shortenings and oils, and hundreds of other grocery products.

Sysco Reliance LogoEconomy-positioned products that offer consistency and value to the foodservice operator.  Reliance products are targeted at a level equal to or better than competitive labels of similar grades and quality.

Product examples include:

Sysco Reliance Canned Fruits – selected from the top tier of the USDA Standard Grade
Sysco Reliance Canned Vegetables – selected from the top USDA Extra Standard Grade
Sysco Reliance Frozen Fruits and Vegetables – selected from the top of USDA Extra Standard and Choice Standard Grade


Sysco is the global leader in selling, marketing and distributing food products to restaurants, healthcare and educational facilities, lodging establishments and other customers who prepare meals away from home.
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